Friday, 22 April 2011

God Bless You Louise Mossop!

I'm happy to say that today has not got according to plan. I had planned to do nothing all day, as I had no plans and was quite prepared to spend the entire day in bed. Yes, I know it would have been a terrible waste of a glorious day, but as I said things didn't turn out the way I expected them to.

So get off my case.

The day started fine; I was lying in bed at 7:00am having just woken up, and was contemplating the nothingness I was about to embrace in terms of the activity for the day ahead. Foolishly however, I looked at Facebook on my mobile, and saw that an old School friend had stated that she always got up early (the phrase she used was "with the lark"), no matter how late the night before was. I commented light heartedly that she wasn't trying hard enough, and that if the Lark tried to tell me to get up, it would get a punch up the wazoo. Having set my former classmate straight on a few things, I put my mobile down and prepared to do nothing for the rest of the day.
The trouble was that now I was unable to lie there in peace. The notion of getting up early had been planted in my mind, and it kept miaowing outside the back door of my thoughts. A greater example of inception could not have been found at that moment in time. A few minutes later (having gone back onto Facebook and adding another comment to my friends status) I was up and dressed, pouring myself a cup of tea. I sat down with my tea and watched the news for a moment.
As I sipped at my tea, trying not to get too depressed by the doom and gloom of the news, I looked around my home and decided that it needed a good cleaning. So I finished my tea, cleared the washing up in the sink and on the draining board, and did my housework. I cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen; I hoovered my bedroom and the lounge, and even did a bit of dusting. While I was doing this, the washing machine gurgled and spun with a load of my dirty washing.

I didn't actually need to say that it was dirty washing did I? You all took it for granted that if I was going to put on a wash load, the garments and items that made up that load would indeed need washing.

So, not only am I domesticated, but I can multi-task too. I'm a real catch!

The house so much better once I had cleaned through, and this put me in a good mood. I hung out my washing, swept up the Apple Blossom that had fallen from the Apple tree in my garden, and put another load of washing on. Feeling pleased with myself, I sat down and played a bit of Call Of Duty Black Ops. It was 10:30am, and I deserved a break. About 30 minutes later, having been useless at Call of Duty, I decided to go and get my groceries. I had no money technically - but that is what overdrafts are for. So I jumped in my car, and drove to Tescos.
Evidence of mass simultaneous thinking must be being hidden by the government, because it definitely happens. How can you explain the fact that the world and his wife and their four kids all decided to also go to Tesco? It was more rammed in there than a male sheep that had been stuffed as far as possible into a tube, which in turn was being used to break down the gates of a castle under siege. If you can imagine an outbreak of panic buying the last weekend before Christmas, you'll have some idea. I battled my way around that store, asking everyone I passed "where have these people come from? don't they know it's sunny outside?". I had to go up and down every single aisle, even though I only wanted milk and bread. Don't ask me why, but it's just what I have to do. To not do it would feel wrong.
Having escaped the multitudes, I filled up the car with petrol, and drove home. As I carried my shopping from my car to home, two of my friends beeped the horn of their car as they drove past. With both my hands full of shopping I was unable to wave, so I moved my head from side to side vigorously. I got home, put the shopping away, made a coffee and turned on my laptop.
I am in the process of re-designing my blog. The keen eyed amongst you will have already noticed that my blog today looks different to how it looked yesterday. I fear the same may be said for tomorrows, as there is a lot to learn about changing the layout, background, colours, fonts, pictures - you name it, everything to do with this blog. It is definitely a work in progress. Anyway, I messed about with it for a while, and then my mobile rang.

Well pluck my feathers and stick me in a roasting tin, if it wasn't the very friend who had sounded his horn at me earlier! He just called (not to say he loved me - although I'm sure he does, all my friends do) to invite me over to his parents house for a barbecue that was taken place that very moment. He had barely finished speaking when I was out the door.
The barbecue was brilliant - good food, great company, and a few beers to boot. We had a right laugh. The sun was beating down on us (I had factor 10 on my head), and the world was good. During the course of the afternoon my friends and I made plans to socialise this weekend, and discussed such high brow topics as the daylight robbery that gas and electric companies get away with, footballers dropping silverware, and the future. It was all very enjoyable, but too soon the time came for me to leave. I walked home (I had walked there, so it seemed only right), and have been here ever since - about two hours.

Before I wrote this post tonight, I did a bit more of my online sign language course. I've just finished a module about greeting people, asking basic questions (how old are you? where do you live? what job do you do? etc.), and I learnt some place and country names. From here on in, it starts to get a bit more complicated - but I'm still enjoying it. There is an evening sign language class starting in September at Yeovil college, and I want to complete this online course before I start that one. That evening class is one of a few goals that I have set myself to achieve this year. The others include:

  • Becoming financially stable - get some savings, and more money in my pocket for enjoying myself.
  • Buy a Suit
  • Complete my second story
These may not sound like very important goals, but they are to me - and listing them will help me to visualise them and in turn achieve them. My list of goals sits on the front of my fridge, where I will see them everyday. Once I complete these goals I will set myself new goals to achieve.

I have had a full and varied day today - and I'm putting it down to the status update made by my friend, that led to my day being as good as it was. Who knows what sort of day I would have had if I hadn't seen Facebook?

I hope you all have had a good day today. I know that many of you will have had to work. It looks like the good weather is going to continue, so I hope you get to get out in it at some point.

Thanks for reading.

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