Thursday, 31 March 2011

You'll Never Tell Your Kids Off Again

I have had the most enjoyable evening. I had the pleasure (not in the biblical sense) of the company of my good friend Alyn, who popped over for a few hours and a few beers.

Generally, its fair to say, that our conversation was not the most intellectual ever had. We discussed the past, the present, and the future. We talked about what might have been, what was, and what is.

We also discussed interesting facts - like how the letters "e,d,g,e" when spoken together in a word, can apparently stop you sneezing. The sound you make when saying these letters together in a word, stimulates parts of your sinus and nose and alleviates the irritation which causes you to sneeze. Alyn uses these letters in the word "Hedgehog" i.e (sneezes) "hedgehog" (sneezes) "hedgehog"  - and the sneezes stop.
In theory, any other word which has these four letters in order within it would do the same trick: "Wedgie", "Dredger", "Kedgeree", "Knowledge", "Ledger", and "Sledgehammer" for example, may all be as effective in stopping you sneezing.

I opened up a discussion on disciplining small children. Alyn has a son of just over two years (Dylan - an absolute cracker), who has to be sent to "The Naughty Stool" when he is being punished. I sort of ruined that idea when I casually mentioned that "The Naughty Stool" sounded like a badly behaved poo that wouldn't be flushed. A short role play ensued about a man trying to flush away the poo late at night without success, and as he dejectedly walks out of the bathroom, and voice from within the toilet bowl laughs and says "see you in the morning......"

These are the sort of things that spring up in conversation - especially when you have had four cans of John Smiths each.

I don't mind telling you that I had a bloody lovely evening, and can't wait for the next one.

God Bless ya Al, and your lovely wife!

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