Monday, 21 March 2011

Try Not to Let it Get You Down

I am under no illusion; life is difficult, unpleasant, hard, and out to get you. If you let it, it'll grind you down in an instant and stamp all over you forever and a day. We all work very hard every day to earn enoough money (often less than that) to etch a meagre existence. We are bombarded everyday with stories and images of the terrible things that we as human beings can do to each other. I think there is now an almost automatic feeling of distrust towards those in power, and to our fellow man. A combination of Health & Safety, Human Rights, and a blame culture have made it easier to keep away from each other rather than interact and keep strong the social bonds that used to exist in our parents day. If you sat and thought for long enough about all the problems that face the world, you would breakdown and cry.
Now, I don't pretend that there is nothing wrong with the world; I don't live in my own little bubble, away with the fairies (which by the way, you probably can't call them anymore, as it is no longer politically correct), oblivious to the war, famine, and natural disasters that are happening each and every day somewhere in the world. I do watch the news, I do listen to the radio, I do read the paper. And my heart breaks.

But I refuse to just let myself be dragged down without a fight. And how do I fight? With humour. It's not going to stop a child starving to death, or stop a Tsunami killing thousands, or stop a Tyrant attacking his own people - but I believe it does inject a tiny amount of goodness back into the world.
I'm not looking for a pat on the back, or a round of applause - I'm just telling you how I feel.

Most of my status updates on Facebook are (meant to be) funny. You'll notice that alot of them are directed at myself - that is because I strongly believe that you cannot laugh at anyone else until you can laugh at yourself first. I suppose it's a form of defence mechanism - if I can take the mickey out of myself, I won't be seen as a threat by anyone and end up in a confrontational situation. Sadly this defence never worked at school when I was getting hit with a golf club by this guy who was bulllying me. Although remembering that moment has made me think how funny it would have been if he had been calling me "Fore eyes". Not funny for me, funny for him (see, reaching out to people all the time. Nobel Prize? Don't mind if I do)
I try and make people laugh, partly for the feeling of appreciation I get (I do love to be liked - it's a wimp/nerd thing), and for the feeling I get from the thought of making someone smile, even if I can't see it.
If I ever thought that I wasn't making someone, somewhere smile - even a little - well that would would be a tradegy. And as I wear glasses, and wasn't that popular at school you could say it would be a Geek Tradegy.

That is also what I do - play on words. I'm always willing to help people, and am quite often getting asked by old ladies in the supermarket if I can reach an item from the top shelf for them. I do help them, but usually say "there will be a small charge - about forty volts", which usually get's a laugh out of them. Sometimes they call the Security Guard - but I take my chances.

I just think that in today's world it is far to easy NOT to help, not to get involved, not to reach out and connect with people - but that is not who I want to be. I get my sense of humour and my willingness to chat to people from my dad, who was 100 times the man I will ever be. The Older members of my extended family knew how funny my dad was, and some have said that I have inherited it from him. I have my doubts - he was so much more than I am. Even in the last few years of his life, he still had his sense of humour - and he shared mine as welll. I remember he came into my work with my stepmother just after coming out of hospital again. he showed me the bottle of tablets he had been given. I looked at the bottle and said to him with a wink "It says here you have to take one of these every day for the rest of your life". Knowing what was coming, he played along and replied "yes, that's right." So I held the bottle up to the light and then said "but there's only six...." At which point my dad burst out laughing, and my Stepmother (who was terrified of him dying) whacked me on the arm.

And that is how I'm going to be - if you've been unfortunate enough to read any of the other posts I've written, you'll know they are full of drivel and rubbish that could be better written by a dislexic gibbon with two prosthetic arms on a typewriter with all of the vowel buttons missing. But, you fools - I mean glorious people - seem to like them, so who am I to question the judgement of my peers? So I willl keep being funny, because that is all I know - I don't know how to be a great speaker, and I don't know Astrophysics (I watch the series "Wonders of The Universe" with Dr Brian Cox each week, and I don't understand half of it. Incedently, I don't know Brian Cox has to come round my hoouse to watch it, surely he has his own place?), and I don't even know DIY, but for some reason I have a very small, tiny........talent (get your minds out of the gutter people!) for making people laugh, and spreading a miniscule amount of goodwill.

The world takes itself far too seriously - I'm not about to. Some people will consider me and my humour childish and pathetic. That is their opinion, and they are welcome to it. But laughing is free, good for you, and contagious. So why not share a little mirth? What harm can it do?

I take no responsibility for damages or injuries sustained in the course of sharing mirth.

If you have been affected by any of the material in this post, phone someone you haven't spoken to in a long time - just to see how they are.

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  1. Humour is a great thing and you always make me laugh Larry. The world could do with more people like you in it and I am being perfectly serious about that.