Friday, 25 March 2011

They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To......

I was going to go to the cinema today, but I've had my plans changed for me. Instead I will be watching a DVD at home.I have a small but varied collection of Films, and one of my favourites is The Battle Of Britain. I haven't seen it in a while, but thinking about it reminds me of how very different films were 40 years ago.Today, there are just as many female lead actors as male, and in movies women are portrayed as strong free spirited women who know what they want. In fact, nowadays it is the man who is most often portrayed as the fool, or the weak person.

Oh take me back to the good old days when women were weak and unsure of the world around them! A world where if a woman actually got up the courage to scream and yell at a man for treating her badly, the man would simply take the woman in his arms, laugh loudly, and then kiss her passionately. The woman would struggle initially - but then be so overwhelmed by the mans kiss that she would submit with a whimper and melt in his embrace.

In this world, you always knew who the good guy was, because he wore a white hat (in cowboy films) which never came off in a fight. In this world, The main character would talk down to the local inhabitants - but this was okay, as they were stereotypes who just smiled cheerily and ran about in Sombrero's (Mexican) or loin cloths (any other nationality).

Films today are very complex, and often need to be seen more than once to be understood. Films like "Inception" and "Shutter Island" have raised the bar in terms of how much the viewer needs to concentrate. Way back in the good old days, however, it was much more simple - especially in War films. In war films it was so easy to tell who was going to be there at the end credits, and who was going to snuff it. There were three basic types to watch out for:

1) The "One last sortie before I retire" type - you know he is buying the farm.

2) The "I'll ask my childhood sweetheart to marry me when I get back" type - he 'ain't coming back

3) The "My faithful dog waits for me to return every day when I'm out on patrol" type - ring Battersea dogs home.

These people were the equivalent in the guy in Star Trek that nobody has ever seen before, and every week he beams down to the planet with the main characters, and promptly snuffs it. And he is pointed out to us because  he wears a red outfit, and all the others are in blue or green (Captain Kirk).

Someone should make a modern movie with all the old stereotypes thrown in - I'd buy a extortionately priced cinema ticket to watch it!

That's enough about that - I'm typing this as I sit in my garden, enjoying a day off (and the start of a long weekend) with a beer enjoying the glorious weather.

Let's hope the weather continues - and I get to go to the movies!

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