Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cars, Conductors, Karma, and Christmas

So, it's 10.7 miles by road from my house to Tesco's, where I do my food shopping (in case you didn't know what Tesco's was). It's a 20 minute drive, and for the majority of this morning's drive there was not another car behind me on the road. Obviously, this is not unheard of,  but I did find it strange, especially considering it was Saturday mid-morning - the time when (I would assume) that the roads would be quite busy. Initially I wondered if there had been a massive party in the local area which everyone but me had been invited to, and this morning was the inveitable hang over which is why no-one else was on the road. I felt a bit like the guy in that film '28 Days Later', who wakes up in hospital and finds London deserted.
After my initial surprise, I began to enjoy the fact that no-one was behind me. I was regularly checking my rear view mirror - with more frequency in fact than I do when there is traffic behind me - but still, nothing appeared. There were plenty of cars passing me on the other side of the road, but I wasn't interested in them. I was beginning to enjoy my solitude so much that I started to quietly say to myself "This is my road - my road baby. Ain't nobody on this road but me, oh yeah"
So I carried on like this for a few miles - and then another car apppeared in the distance behind me.
My instant reaction was to shout "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON MY ROAD!?", followed by me glowering at the car behind as it got closer to me. I could feel myself frowning really badly as I looked every other second in my mirror. The guy in car the behind must have thought I was a right psycho as we stopped at some traffic lights, because I continued to glare at him and mutter. Luckily for him, this anger was short lived as more and more cars joined the queue at the lights, and I remembered that this wasn't my road, it was everyone's road.

When I am in the car, I either play a cd, or listen to the radio. If the radio is on, it's usually Classic FM. I do like a bit of classical music, and great thing about listening to it in the car when I'm alone (which is all the time) is that I can pretend to be the conductor, and wave my index fingers (whilst keeping hold of the steering wheel - safety first kids) like I'm conducting the orchestra playing. Today I was conducting "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss, which was very enjoyable. If however, there is a pice of music from an Opera, I do admit I like to pretend I'm the Opera Singer - and sometimes, even the male ones. Of course, I don't know the words, but I open and close my mouth, and make the facial expressions as if I was Pavarotti himself.
If you've never tried it - and I seriously can't believe that none of you have - you should.

Now, I am a great believer in Karma. If you do good things, good things will happen to you. Likewise, if you do bad things, you must expect to feel it back at some point. However, I also believe that if you are generally a good person and something bad happens to you or your life, then that is simply a test which we all get from time to time. Some people believe that the return on good Karma should be rapid. My boss believes that you should get it back with 48hrs. I don't subscribe to that - I believe that there is no timescale for the return of good or bad Karma, and I also believe that the degree of good or bad Karma you get back is not equal to the amount of good or bad things you did.
I have been on a Karma trip today. Next to the Tesco's I went to, there is a Homebase store. A friend of mine (the mother of my ex-girlfriend to be precise) had mentioned that she wanted one of those bath tap shower attachments things, so before I got my food shopping, I popped into Homebase and picked one up. Then, when I got my shopping, I bought her a bunch of flowers (I'll talk to you about flowers shortly). I then drove over to my friends village to take her the shower attachment, and the flowers. I had to park a little way away, so had to walk down her road. As I did, I passed a house where a young woman was washing her car. I saw the woman , the woman saw me and smiled politely. So I said (raising the flowers) "sorrry, these aren't for you - If you had told me I would have brought two bouquets". She laughed, I laughed, and that was it. I went my friends house, gave her the flowers (which she loved), and set up the shower attachment for her. While I was there, my friend showed me her bird feeder stand which was inundated with Goldfinches, Blue Tits, and other smalll birds. My friends Partner asked me if I would like a bird feeder stand for my garden, and he offered to build me one.

Now this is where the Karma kicks in - I did a good deed, I got my friend her tap shower attachment, and gave her a bunch of flowers. In return, I'm going to get a bird feeder stand for my garden, AND I goot smiled at and had a nice joke with a young woman. In that instance there was a quick turn around of Karma, and although there is not monetary value in the Karma returned (the flowers and shower attachment cost me £20), I get a bird feeder for free, and my day was brightened by the friendliness of the young woman. That's how it works.

Right - Flowers. The Flowers I bought my friend were not bought for any particular reason. They were "Just Because" flowers, I bought them for her just because. You see, flowers don't  have to be bought to say sorry, or to say I Love You - they can just be bought. I have on accasion bought "pre-emptive" flowers - which are to be given to a loved one with the message 'I'm bound to mess it up at some point - it's not intentional'. They work quite well. I like stuff like that - just because flowers, no reason chocolates, you're gonna hate me ina minute massages. It's all good.

So I'm going to have bird feeders in my garden. I like the ones for Blue Tits etc. but I'm planning of getting a much bigger feeder with steak in it. I'm hoping to attract a Golden Eagle. How fabulous would it be to look into your garden and see a Golden Eagle at it's feeder, next to a Chaffinch, a Wren, and a Sparrow. It could work, it's the same principle, but on a bigger scale.

I've just remebered something else - Football Commentators on the radio; do they talk like that alll the time? You know when you listen to the commentary, they get progressively more and more excited as the actions builds, buut then they end really disappointed when someone misses. Are they picked specially for that job because they just talk that way anyway? Was this a typical Christmas morning:

"Dad reaches under the tree....he's pulling out a's got my name on it!......I've got it in my hands - this could be the Action Man I asked santa for!!.....I'm tearing the paper off - is this it!?.......... no, it's a jumper - how rubbish....."

That's what I think, anyway

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  1. I'm a great believer in Karma.
    Hope all the birds you attract aren't just of the feathered variety ;)